Biogas Plants

Biogas is a gas produced by anaerobic digestion (in the absence of oxygen) of organic material, largely comprised of methane (about two-thirds). It is often called “marsh gas” or “swamp gas” because it is produced by the same anaerobic processes that occur during the underwater decomposition of organic material in wetlands. We provide a wide range of solutions to harness the power of waste.

  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Environmental Compatibility
  • Waste to Energy Conversions
  • Avenue for safe disposal of waste
  • An Alternative to fossil fuel

Industrial Biogas Plants

Industrial biogas plants are designed for bulk waste generators such as Fruit and Food Processing Companies, Goshala, Dairies, Slaughter Houses,etc. . Industrial biogas plants are very helpful in Waste management and also to convert waste into useful energy. These type of Plants are suitable for Large Waste generators range of 5 TPD to 200+ TPD.

Recommended usages / Applications of Industrial biogas plants

  • Bio – Electricity
  • Thermal Applications in Boiler
  • Bio-CNG Bottling
  • Power Generation: Captive / Export


  • Fruit Processing Companies
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Piggeries & Poultries
  • Slaughter Houses
  • Sabhudhana Factories
  • Large Sewage Plants
  • Goshala & Dairies
  • Sugar & Distilleries
  • Municipal Bodies
  • APMC Yards
  • Palm Oil Mills